Columbia County, NY- Benajah Slack Deed

Transcribed by Mary Slack Maynard -

The following is the transcription of a Columbia County deed mentioning my ancestor Benajah Slack.
Benajah and his family moved to Montgomery County and a number of deeds are posted on that page with a link from Fulton Co, as the property was in the area of Montgomery Co that became Fulton.

**Please note, I transcribed the deed as written, and kept the "misspellings"


Columbia County Deed Book A, page 17

Registered this twenty eight day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven ~~~~~~~
Know all men by these presents I Eli Neece of Kinderhook District and County of Columby and State of New York yoman Do for and in the concideration of one hundred and thirty pounds good and Lawful money of the State above said for which sum paid to me in hand and in concideration thair of Do Bargin Sell ConVay and forever quit claim unto Samuel Wheeler of Kings District and County above said yoman all my wright and title Claim or Claims or Demand unto a sartin tract of land with all the labour thair on to gather with all the aportainances thair unto Belonging to his own use and Behoof. It Being and liing in the District of Kinderhook and formerly the land possessed by Cornelis Dickman Lying and Bounded as followeth [there is a word here I can't decipher] Beginning at the South East Corner of the Land of Isaah Coffa at a Stake and heap of stones and thenc East ward By John Cornealous Land to a stake and stones thence Northward a Long By the Land of Wm Northrop to an Elm tree thence Eastward by the Land of hank Stevas to a Stake and Stones and thence a Long said Steverth Land to Cornall Vanas's Land too a Stake and Stones thence a Long Vanass Land to a stake and stones at Benajah Slacks Land thenc a Long said Slack's Land to a Stake and Stones thence West Ward along said Slack's Land to a stake and stones at said Coffa's Land and thence south ward to a stake and stones from thence a Long said Coffa's Land to the furst mentchaned Bownd to have and to hold and to injoy so that I nor my heirs or assigns Executors or administrators or any ever under me all ever hinders the above said Samuel Wheeler or his hair or asigns or Executors or administrators peacably in joying the same in witness hereof I hav set my hand and seal this twenty fifth day of Augest in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hunderd and eighty seven. Signd sealed and delivered in presents of Nathan [Wheeler?] Eli Neice (L) S__ Wheeler Aaron Wheeler Acknowledged by the said Eli Neece to be his act and deed executed for the purposed therein mentioned before Peter Silvester Esquire on the twenty eight day of August in the year aforesaid.

A true Copy from the original.
John Van Rensselaer

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