Columbia County, NY Cemeteries and Burial Grounds

Fred Saar 2011


The following refer to the Cemetery books that are currently in the research library at the  Columbia County Historical Society in Kinderhook. Lawrence V. Rickard created an index to 33 of the 57 cemetery books in the collection and a book/cemetery index was put online by Cliff Lamere. The book/cemetery list not only includes books indexed by Lawrence Rickard but it also includes books included in a supplemental index done by Fred Saar in 2008. Both indexes are in hard copy form in at the Columbia County Historical Society along with the cemetery books.  Both of these indexes only include Columbia County Cemeteries.  Use the book/cemetery table in conjunction wih the cemetery indexes to identify the cemetery.

The Rickard index was placed online by Cliff Lamere and can be accessed HERE. Currently down until Rootsweb comes back.

The Supplemental index by Fred Saar can be accessed HERE on this web site.

A table listing of the Columbia County cemeteries listed in these books can be accessed HERE. 


The table does overflow the page, however the most important information is in the first few columns. These tables are not meant to replace, but rather supplement, those on Cliff’s website. His introduction describes the meaning of each column except two. The City/Town column has been added and the last column in which the ‘L’ and ‘S’ refer to the transcriber, Lamere or Saar.  If you want copies of the cemetery books, please refer to either the CCHS website or Cliff’s pages for instructions.


Note: Some of the cemeteries are listed in more than one book by different transcribers and the cemetery may have different names.