Transcribed by Grace E. Hall Nolan in honor of Estella Kraft, my mother’s best friend.

More than just typing a list of students, I decided that the additional information in the yearbook gives us a glimpse into who they were, what they were interested in, and what they were thinking about the future.

If you are interested in copies of the pictures, this book is being donated to Columbia County Library, Kinderhook, New York


Senior Class Dedication: "So that he whose close friendship, sage counsel, and quaint expressions have made the happy years slip by unnoticed, may realize the deep gratitude which lies in our hearts, we the Class of 1937, dedicate this “Blue and Gold” to our beloved junior advisor, ROBERT A. SCHMUCKER."

ADDLEY, John                                                                                               “Jack”


“That which ordinary men are fit for, I am qualified in; and the best of me is diligence.”


Glee Club ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; A Cappella Choir ’35, ’36, ’37; Spring Concert  ‘34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Dance Committee ’36; Protagoreum ’36; Dramatic Club ’37; Business Staff of “Blue and Gold”; Honor Roll ’37; Chairman of Supreme Court Gold Medal Contest; Chairman of Senior Decoration Committee ’37; Glee Club Librarian ’37.  FUTURE: Undecided


“John Addley, a model for school spirit, is always ready to help further his Alma Mater.”


ALGER, Robert                                                                                                         “Bob”


“The thing that goes farthest toward making life worthwhile, that costs the least and does the most is just a pleasant smile.”


Interclass Track ’35, ’36; Treasurer ’34, ’35, ’36.  FUTURE:  Eastman School in Rochester


“Robert Alger, who is usually good-humored, can be recognized for the time being as “strutting on Union Street” Sally-ho Bob!”


ANDRUSKIW, Olga                                                                                     “Olga”


“Happy who in her verse can gently steer from grave to light, from pleasant to severe.”


Editor-in-Chief “Owl” ’31; Reporter “Owl” ’36; Spring Concert ’35, ’36; Glee Club ’34, ’35; Dance Club ’34, ’35; League Baseball ’34; Captain League Volley Ball ’34; Dance Club Program ’34; Honor Roll ’34, ’35, ’37.  FUTURE: New York State College For Teachers


“Olga Andruskiw, though the quiet and reserved editor of the “Owl,” likes noise. She is fond of sports, chiefly swimming and hiking, and she enjoys dancing.”


AVERY, Sally C.                                                                                           “Shiny”


            “Somewhere there waiteth in this world a reward for every soul, so sang the poets. It seems Sally has already found hers.”


Glee Club ’34, ’35, ’36; Dance Club ’34;  A Cappella Choir ’35, ’36, ’37; Class Night Decorating Committee ’36; Senior Dance Committee ’37.  FUTURE: Nursing


BAKER, Gordon                                                                                            “Gordon”


            “A quiet man who offendeth none.”


Protag ’37; Dance Committee ’37. FUTURE: Undecided


BARETSKY, Stella                                                                                       “Freddy”


            “Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius.”

Dance Club ’35, ’36, ’37; Dance Club Program ’35, ’36, ’37; Spring Concert ’35; Hollowe’en Play ’35; Baseball ’35,’36; Volley Ball ’35, ’36; League Basketball ’35, ’36; Interclass Basketball ’35, ’37; Property Manager ’36; Honor Roll ’35, ’35, ’37; Associate Editor “Blue and Gold” ’37; Salutatorian. FUTURE: Work in Doctor’s Office


BENSON, Muriel                                                                                           “Muriel”


            “A very conservative girl. In order not to appear too intellectual in the classrooms, she rarely expresses her views when called upon.”


Glee Club ’35; Dance Club ’35; “Owl” staff ’37; Honor Roll ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Valedictorian.  FUTURE: New York State College For Teachers


BLOOM, Harry                                                                                                         “Sting”


            “God is a gentle roebuck, for how else I pray, could He conceive a friend to all, a gentle thing like me.”


Junior Varsity Soccer ’36; Photography Club ’36, ’37; Tennis Tournament ’36; Honor Roll ’34; Writers’ Club ’37. FUTURE: Undecided


BERGMAN, Alice                                                                                         “Breg”


            “To have the great poetic heart is more than all poetic fame.”


Honor Roll ’34; Glee Club ’34; Spring Concert ’34; Dance Club Program ’34; League Basketball ’34. ’35; League Baseball ’34, ’35; Decoration Committee ’36; Dramatic Club ’34; Chairman Class Night Committee ’37; Chariman of Prophecy Committee; Writer of Class Night Program.  FUTURE: College


BRODOWSKI, Edward                                                                                            “Eddie”


            “No duty could o’ertake him.  No deeds his will outrun.”


League Basketball ’33, ’34; FUTURE: Undecided


BROUSSEAU, Margaret                                                                                           “Babe”


            “She’s always in good spirits and never very blue, and always she will have the time to laugh and joke with you.”


Commencement Usher ’36; Dance Club ’34, ’35; Dance Program ’34. FUTURE: Secretarial Work


BROWN, Thomas                                                                                          “Tom”


            “A still and quiet conscience.”


League Basketball ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Softball ’34, ’35. FUTURE: Post Graduate


BUGEL, Hilda                                                                                                           “Bugel”


            “A careless song with a little nonsense now and then is not misbecoming.”


Glee Club ’33, ’34, ’35; Chorus ’33, ’34, ’35; Spring Concert ’33, ’34.  FUTURE: Undecided


BUNIAK, Laddie                                                                                           “Lad”


            “What’s talk to him, whose faith and truth are as familiar to all as a lion’s tooth.”


Assembly  Committee ’36;  FUTURE: Electrical School


CHAIKOWSKI, Anna                                                                                              “Ann”


            “Those to whom labor is a blessing, success shall be a reward.”


“Owl” typist ’37;  “Blue and Gold” typist ’37; Decoration Committee ’37; Commencement Usher ’36; Dance Program ’35, ’36; Dance Club ’34, ’35, ’36; Gregg Certificate 60, 80, 100; Assembly Committee ’35; Volley Ball ’35;  Secretary Dramatic Club ’36, ’37.  FUTURE: Undecided


CLAPP, William                                                                                           “Bill”


            “My heart is warm with the friends I make nor will I them ever forsake.”


League Basketball ’34, ’35; Glee Club ’34; Usher S. M. A. H. H. S. Basketball Game ’36.

FUTURE: Undecided


COLL, Jack                                                                                                    “Jack”


            “O Bed, O Bed!  Delicious bed, that is heaven on earth to the weary head.”


Vice-President A Cappella Choir ’37; Secretary of Dramatic Club ’37; Dramatic Club Plays ’36, ’37; Chairman Senior Dance Committee ’37; Nominating Committee ’37; Junior Varsity Soccer ’36; Varsity Basketball ’37; League Basketball ’33; Honor Roll ’36; Art Exhibit ’37. FUTURE: Bentley School of Accounting and Finance


CUKERSTEIN, Frances                                                                                           “Sis”


            “A cherry girl, a limber elf, singing, dancing, to herself.”


Glee Club ’34, ’35; Dance Program ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Dramatic Club ’36, ’37; Spring Concert ’34; Honor Roll ’34, ’35, ’36; Interclass Basketball ’36, ’37; League Basketball ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; League Baseball ’34, ’35, ’36; Athletic Award ’34; League Volley Ball ’34, ’35; Gold Medal Contest. FUTURE: University of Southern California


DECINTIO, Joseph                                                                                       “Joe”


            “He that’s content hath enough!”


Varsity Soccer ’36; Interclass Basketball ’33, ’34, ’35; Interclass Soccer ’32. FUTURE: Undecided


DECKER, Lula                                                                                                          “Deck”


            “Lula, our crack forward.  The girl with the sunny smile. Who has made her stay in Hudson High very much worthwhile.”


Student Council ’34, ’36, ’37; Interclass Basketball ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Captain Interclass Basketball ’34, ’36; League Basketball Captain ’34, ’35, ’36; Athletic Council ’34; Baseball ’34, ’35, ’36; Athletic Manager ’36; Girl’s Athletic Meet ’36; “H” ’34, ’35, ’36; Gregg Certificate 60; Typing Test ’37; “Blue and Gold” typist ’37; Volley Ball ’34, ’35, 36.  FUTURE: Undecided



DECROSTA, Anthony J.                                                                                           “Tony”


            “Yes, when the ways oppose; when the hard means rebel, fairer the work out grows; more potent for the spell.”


Winner Supreme Court Silver Medal ’36; Interclass Baseball ’34; Interclass Basketball ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Interclass Track ’35, ’36; Varsity Soccer ’36; Junior Varsity Soccer ’36; Activities Manager ’36; League Basketball ’34, ’35. FUTURE: Draftsman


DIAMOND, Charlotte K.                                                                                          “Fem”


            “I am in earnest; I will not equivocate; I will not excuse; I will not retreat an inch, and I will be heard.”


Glee Club ’34, ’35, ’36; Girl’s Glee Club ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; A Cappella Choir ’37; Dramatic Club ’36, ’37; Photography Club ’37; League Basketball ’34, ’35, ’36; Dance program ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Honor Roll ’34, ’35; Spring Concert ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Athletic Award ’34, ’35; “Blue and Gold” staff ’37; “Owl” staff ’35; Usher Gold Medal Supreme Court Contest ’36; Charlatan’s Play ’37. FUTURE: Simmons



DITTMAR, Richard A.                                                                                             “Dick”


            “I sang at heart, and talked, and ate, and lived only to laugh, early and late.”


Chorus ’33, ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; A Cappella Choir ’35, ’36, ’37; Varsity Soccer ’36, ’37; Protagoreum ’36, ’37; Dramatic Club Play ’35; Band ’36, ’37; Senior Dance Committee ’37; Class Night Program; “Blue and Gold” Business Staff; Senior Dance Committee. FUTURE: College



DIXON, Muriel                                                                                                         “Dixon”


            “Gladness in her face expressed; her eyes, their joy of life confessed.”


Monologue ’36; Honor Roll ’37. FUTURE: Training for Nurse


DUNHAM, Dorothy Mae                                                                                          “Dottie”


            “Neat, quiet, and a good friend to all.”


Honor Roll ’34; Commencement Usher ’36; Photography Club ’37. FUTURE: Nursing


EVANS, Robert                                                                                                          “Bob”


            “As Alice was a sitting on her window sill one day a beautiful young man chanced to pass that way, she cast her eyes upon him and he looked so goo and true that she thought, “I could be happy with a gentleman like you.”


Radio Club ’34, ’35; Dramatic Club ’35, ’36, ’37; “Owl” ’35; Commencement usher ’36; Supreme Court Speaking Contest ’36; Protagoreum ’36, ’37; Assembly Program ’35; Outing Club ’34, ’35. FUTURE: Phillip Exeter


FINKLESTEIN, Melvin                                                                                           “Melvin”


            “Let us then be up and doing with a heart for any fate.”


League Basketball ’34, ’35; Assembly Committee ’34; Dramatic Club ’35; Manager Varsity Baseball ’36; Exchange Editor “Owl” ’36; Junior Varsity Soccer ’36; Manger Basketball ’37; Associate Editor “Owl’ ’37. FUTURE: Undecided.


FIRSTH, Walter Charles                                                                                           “Fudge”


            “Hold the fort, I am coming.”


Activities Editor “Blue and Gold”; Assembly Chairman ’36, ’37; Commencement Usher ’36; Varsity Basketball, ’34, ’36, ’37; Varsity Soccer ’35, ’36; Varsity Track ’36, ’37; Interclass Basketball ’34, ’35, ’36; Interclass Baseball ’35; Interclass Soccer ’36; Interclass Softball ’34; Honor Roll ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37. FUTURE: Undecided


FLAUM, Benjamin                                                                                        “Ben”


            “I said, heard, and spoke little; and found at last the How and Why of all things past.”


Manager Track Squad. FUTURE: Undecided


FLOETER, John                                                                                                        “Sonny”


            “My heart is like a singing bird whose nest is in a watered shoot; My heart is like an apple tree whose boughs are bent with thickset fruit.”


Assembly Committee ’34, ’35; Nominating Committee ’35; Commencement Usher ’36; Tennis Tournament ’35, ’36; Associate Editor of “Blue and Gold.”


FREINBERG, Eleanor                                                                                              “El”


            “It is good to lengthen to the last a sunny mood.”


Dramatic Club ’35, ’36, ’37; Glee Club ’34, ’35; Dance Club ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Interclass Basketball ’37; Captain League Basketball ’37; Dance Committee ’36; Tennis Tournament ’36, ’37; “Blue and Gold” Staff ’37; Honor Roll ’34, ’35; Athletic Award ’34; Interclass Cheerleader ’35; Christmas Play ’35, Photography Club ’37.  FUTURE: New York State College for Teachers.


FRICK, Elizabeth                                                                                                      “Fricky”


            “Rare compound of oddity, frolic, and fun, who relished a joke and rejoiced in a pun.”


Tennis Tournament ’35, ’36, ’37; Nominating Committee ’34, ’35; Glee Club ’34, ’35; Spring Concert ’34, ’35; Manager Girls’ Interclass Basketball ’37; Interclass Cheerleader ’35; Commencement Usher ’36; Dance Club Program ’34; Honor Roll ’34, ’35, ’37; Class Night. FUTURE: Vassar Hosptial


GARBUS, Jerry                                                                                                                     “Yank”


            “I’ve taken my fun where I’ve found it, I’ve rogued and I’ve ranged in my time, I’ve had my pickin o’ sweethearts, and I’m still in the best of prime.”


League Basketball ’34; Interclass Basketball ’34, ’35, ’36; Junior Varsity Basketball ’35; Varsity Basketball ’36; Interclass Baseball ’35; Tennis Varsity ’36, ’37. FUTURE: Post Graduate


GENTILE, Dominick                                                                                                            “Nick”


            “Oh, for it would be a pity to o’er praise him or to flaunt him; He was gay, yet staid and witty.  Let’s not say dull things about him.”


Protag ’36, ’37; Dramatic Club ’36; President Dramatic Club ’37; Photography Club ’36; Senior Charge. FUTURE: Undecided


GERLACH, Wendell                                                                                                            “Wen”


            “The man who knows that he knows that he knows.”


Assembly Committee ’36; “Owl” typist ’37. FUTURE: Undecided


GINSBERG, Morton                                                                                                 “Ginny”


            “I looked upon your air of innocence, with laughter.”


Manager Soccer ’35; “Owl” Staff ’34, ’35; Photography Club ’34, ’35, ’36; Vice-President Photography Club ’37; Business Manager “Owl” ’37; League Basketball ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Dramatic Club ’36; Honor Roll ’34. FUTURE: Undecided.


GLICKMAN, Ruth H.                                                                                                           “Ruthy”


            “Always ready, ever steady, who can ask for more.”


Business Manager of “Blue and Gold” ’37; Business Manager of “Owl” ’35; Assembly Chairman ’35; “H” Award ’34; Delegate to Columbia Scholastic Press Convention ’35; Commencement Usher ’35; Honor Roll ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37. FUTURE: State Teachers’ College


GOETZ, Elmer                                                                                                                      “Goetzie”


            “A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows.”


Vice-President of Freshman Class ’33; Interclass Basketball ’33, ’34, ’36, ’37; League Basketball ’33, ’34, ’37; Interclass Softball ’33, ’34; Interclass Baseball ’35. FUTURE: Hemphill Diesel School


GOLDBERG, Abie                                                                                                   “Abie”


            “I am put high over all others in the city, to-day; I am the killer who kills for those who wish a killing to-day.”


League Basketball ’34, ’35; Honor Roll ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Junior Reply ’36; Class Night Program ’36; Junior Nominating Committee ’36; Editor-in-chief “Blue and Gold” ’37. FUTURE: Ohio State University


GOODMAN, George                                                                                                “George”


            “The shape of his hat always was all wrong and the crown never did fit; but what does it matter after all, for he was always proud of it.”


Athletic Editor “Blue and Fold” ’37; Boys’ Sports Editor “Owl” ’34, ’37; Dramatic Club Play ’36; Soccer ’35, ’36; Writers’ Club ’36. FUTURE: Work


GORECKI, Julia                                                                                                       “Julie”


            “A tender heart, a will inflexible.”


Glee Club ’34, ’35; Basketball ’34, ’35; Interclass Basketball ’36; Baseball ’34, ’35, ’36; Dance Program ’34. ’35, ’36; Spring Concert ’34, ’35; Varsity Cheerleader ’37; “Owl” typist ’37; Dramatic Club Play ’37; “Blue and Gold” typist ’37; Dramatic Club ’36, ’37; “H” Award ’35; 60, 80, 100 word Gregg Certificates. FUTURE: Undecided


GRAHAM, Leroy Van Vechten                                                                                            “Roy”


            “Of all the crafts, to be an honest man is the master craft.”


Radio Club ’34; Boys’ Glee Club ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Chorus ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Band ’35, ’36, ’37; Class Night Usher ’35; Commencement Usher ’36; Spring Concert ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Auditorium Committee ’36.  FUTURE: Apprenticeship for Toolmaker



HALLENBECK, Helen                                                                                                         “Boots”


            “Your modesty is a candle to your merit.”


Dance Club ’34, ’35. FUTURE: Undecided


HART, Helen                                                                                                             “Harty”


            “A girl of manners gentle, of affections mild.”


FUTURE: Undecided


HAWVER, Dorothy                                                                                                  “Dot”


            “A smile for all, a welcome glad, a jovial, coaxing way she had.”


Girls’ Glee Club ’34, ’36, ’37; Mixed Chorus ’34, ’36, ’37; A Cappella Choir ’36, ’37; A Cappella Choir Broadcast ’36; Decoration Committee ’37; Senior Nominating Committee ’37; Dance Club ’34; Dance Club Program, “Memories” ’34; Spring Concert ’34, ’36, ’37; Class Night Committee ’37; A Cappella Choir Broadcast ’36, ’37. FUTURE: Undecided


HERBS, Paul                                                                                                             “Paul”


            “Why should not a mand who is six feet tall rightly believe that he is leader in all?”


League Basketball ’35; Nominating Committee ’34; Banner Committee ’34; Interclass Softball ’34; Interclass Baseball ’34; Interclass Track ’35, ’36; Varsity Track ’36; Dance Committee ’35, ’36, ’37; Interclass Basketball ’34, ’35. FUTURE: Undecided


HERR, Dorothy                                                                                                                     “Dot”


            “One whose voice was never heard to utter a complaining word.”


Girls’ Glee Club ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Mixed Chorus ’34, ’35, ’36. FUTURE: Secretary


HOLMES, Marguerite A.                                                                                                     “Maggie”


            “She’s quiet but sure to succeed. She possesses the sweetest smile.”


Portag ’37. FUTURE: St. Peter’s Hospital, Albany


HUSON, Ethel                                                                                                                       “Otchie”


            “I hold my thoughts secure within myself, speaking not.”


Library Council in Chatham High School ’35. FUTURE: Cornell



KIPNES, Ethel                                                                                                                       “Et”


            “Perseverance conquers all.”


Dramatic Club ’35, ’36, ’37; Dance Club ’35, ’36; “Owl” ’37; Honor Roll ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Hollowe’en Assembly Program ’36; “Owl” Convention ’37; Chairman Usher Committee.  FUTURE: Traphagen School of Design


KRAFT, Estella                                                                                                                     “Estella”


            “Oh, let the old world joggle as it will, I’ll be gay and happy still.”


League Baseball ’33; League Basketball ’33; Dramatic Club ’36, ’37; Glee Club ’33, ’34; Dramatic Club Play “Growing Pains” ’37. FUTURE: Nursing


LEGGIERI, Gerald                                                                                                   “Gerry”


            “On the idle hill of summer, sleepy with the flow of streams, for I hear a lonesome drummer drumming like a noise in dreams.”


Orchestra ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Band ’35, ’36, ’37; Treasurer of Orchestra ’35; President of Orchestra ’36, ’37; Vice-President of Band ’35, ’36, ’37; Orchestra Dance Committee ’34; Card Party Committee of Musical Organizations ’36; Varsity Track ’35, ’36; Junior Varsity Soccer ’36; Interclass Basketball ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; League Basketball ’34; Band Contest at Liberty ’36; Varsity Basketball ’37. FUTURE: New York State Ranger School


LEVITSKY, Michael Theodore                                                                                            “Ted”


            “For sympathy, courage, kindness, mirth there is no measure upon earth, but this is the man of whom all have said “You illustrate them all, from foot to head.”


League Basketball ’34;  Dramatic Club ’36, ’37; Band ’36, ’37; Track ’34; Interclass Basketball ’35, ’36, ’37; Soccer ’36. FUTURE: Undecided


LOIK, Stephen                                                                                                                      “Steve”


            “Stauncher than stern Everest is that heart ‘neath his breast.”


Junior Varsity Basketball ’35; Varsity Basketball ’36, ’37; Interclass Basketball ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Captain Interclass ’35; Varsity Track ’36; Interclass Track ’35, ’36; Soccer Varsity ’35, ’36; Interclass Soccer ’36; Interclass Baseball Captain ’35; Vice-President Sophomore Class ’35. FUTURE: Undecided


LORENZ, Eleanor                                                                                                     “Dede”


            “She’s all our fancy painted her.”


Dramatic Club ’35, ’36, ’37; Glee Club ’33, ’35, ’36; Spring Concert ’36; Secretary of Class ’33, ’36; Honor Roll ’35; Student Council ’37; Christmas Play ’35; Secretary Dramatic Club ’36. FUTURE: Post Graduate


LUBIANETSKY, Ray                                                                                                           “Ray”


            “I am a worker and a maker, I am no longer dumb, Tremble, O Shirkers and Takers sweeping the earth, I come.”


Student Council  ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Vice-President Student Council ’36; President Student Council ’37; Varsity Track ’34, ’35, ’36; Junior Varsity Basketball ’35; Varsity Basketball ’33, ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Captain Interclass Basketball ’37; Varsity Baseball ’36; Interclass Track ’34, ’35, ’37; Honor Roll ’34, ’35; Interclass Softball ’33; Interclass Baseball ’36. FUTURE: Undecided


LUPINOS, Joseph                                                                                                     “Joe”


            “This bustling, whispering fellow-man, who talks all through the day, is the first upon the list of those who will upon this earth strongly make his way.”


President of Freshman Class at Germantown High; League Basketball ’35, ’36, ’37; Noon-hour Softball ’35, ’36; Activities Manager ’36; Photography Club ’36, ’37; Decoration Committee ’36. FUTURE: Undecided


MACY, Elizabeth                                                                                                      “Mace”


            “I prefer silent prudence to loquacious folly.”


Dance Club ’34; Glee Club 34, ’37; Mixed Chorus ’34, ’37; Dramatic Club ’35, ’36, ’37; Dance Program ’34; Dramatic Club Play ’37; Spring Concert ’34, ’37. FUTURE: Nursing


MADANSKY, Saul                                                                                                    “Saul”


            “Oh, strong men, with your best I would strive breast to breast; I could quiet your herds with my word, with my words.”


Honor Roll ’34, ’37; Dramatic Club’34, ’35, ’36, ’37: Glee Club ’34; Protag ’36; President Protag ’37; Winner Supreme Court Gold Medal Contest ’36; Treasurer Class ’37; League Basketball ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Junior Varsity Soccer ’36; Manager Tennis Tournament ’36; Christmas Play ’34. FUTURE: Study Advertising


MAHOKIN, Marion                                                                                                 “Mahoke”


            “And I, so certain, and so friended how could I fear, or show distress.”


League Basketball ’35, ’36, ’37; Captain Bowling Team. FUTURE: Work at Bowling Alleys


MARSHALL, Donald                                                                                                           “Don”


            “That tower of strength that stood square to all the winds.”


Varsity Basketball ’37; Junior Varsity Basketball ’36; Interclass Basketball ’36, ’37; League Basketball ’34, ’35; Interclass Softball ’34, ’35, ’36; Activities Manager ’35; Honor Roll ’34. FUTURE: Undecided


MEINER, Saul                                                                                                                       “Sol”


            “What is this life, if full of care we have no time to just sit and stare.”


League Basketball ’34, ’35, ’36; Manager Soccer ’36; Photography Club ’36; Dramatic Club ’36; Writier’s Club ’36; Junior Varsity Soccer ’35; Interclass Basketball Manager ’36; Usher at Commencement ’36; Interclass Track ’35; Baseball Manager. FUTURE: Salesman


MEYERS, Dorothy                                                                                                    “Pete”


            “Quips and cranks and wanton wiles, nods and becks and wreathed with smiles.”


Girls’ Glee Club ’34, ’35; Chorus ’34, ’35; A Cappella Choir ’35, ’36, ’37; Girls’ Quartet ’37; Baseball ’34. FUTURE: University of Pennsylvania


MILLER, Bernard                                                                                                     “Bernie”


            “Quiet as a nun’s face.”


We shall always think of Bernard as the quietest person in our class. FUTURE: Undecided


MILLER, Margaret                                                                                                   “Peg”


            “She has a voice of gladness and a smile that never darkens but enchants us all the while.”


Dance Club ’34, ’35; Mixed Chorus ’34, ’35, ’36; Glee Club ’34, ’35, ’36; A Cappella Choir ’36, ’37; Dramatic Club ’34, ’35; Dance Committee ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Dramatic Club Play ’35; Assembly Programs ’37; Spring Concert ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Dance Club Program ’34, ’35; Gregg Shorthand Certificates 60, 80, 100. FUTURE: Undecided


MITCHELL, Gladys                                                                                                 “Mitch”


            “She’s not bashful, she’s not shy, and there’s mischief in her eye.”


Varsity Cheerleader ’37; Captain League Basketball ’35, ’37; Interclass Basketball ’34, ’35, ’36, ’37; Captain Interclass Basketball Team ’37; League Basketball ’34; Athletic Award ’34, ’35; Humor Editor “Owl” ’35; Delegate C.S.P.A. Convention ’36; “Owl” Radio Program; General News Editor “Owl” ’36; Assembly Editor “Owl” ’37; Dance Club Program ’34, ’35; Dramatic Club Award ’37; Tennis Tournament ’35, ’36; Assemblies ’34, ’35, ’36; Girls’ Athletic Meet ’36. FUTURE: Journalism


MITCHINSON, Wilfred                                                                                           “Mitch”


            “Now that I’ve done my best and worst and parted, I would fill my mind with thoughts that will not rend.”


Mixed Chorus ’33, ’34; Spring Concert ’33, ’34; Boys’ Glee Club ’33, ’34; Class Collector ’33; Orchestra ’33, ’34, ’35; Band ’35, ’36; League Basketball ’34; Band Contest at Liberty ’36. FUTURE: Undecided


NACK, Gladys                                                                                                           “Nacki”


            “Oh let the old world joggle as it will, I’ll be gay and happy still.”


The cheerful disposition of Gladys has made many friends for her. FUTURE: Post Graduate


NEDOSKO, Dorothy                                                                                                 “Ned”



“Let all things be done decently and in order”


Alumni Editor 36; Associate Editor 36; Associate Editor37; Dramatic Club Play 37; Dramatic Club Pl Radio Program 36; Colonial Art Exhibit 36; Colonial Art Exh37; Junior Nominating Committee 37; Junior Nominatin36; Winner of Supreme Court Medal Contest 36; Winner of Suprem36; Gregg Shorthand Certificates 60, 80, 100; O. A. T. Certificate; Student Director; Dramatic Club 36; Gregg Shorthand 37; Class Night Program 37; Class Night Prog37; Ticket Committee Charlatans 37; Ticket Committee37; Commencement Usher 37; Commencement Ush36; Assembly Program 36; Assembly Program37. FUTURE: Secretarial Position


Dorothy Nedosko, of the brilliant mind and melodious voice, has the distinction of possessing the most beautiful eyelashes in the class.


NOONEY, Dorothy


37. SecretarPete “As merry as the day is long “


Dorothy is our quiet unobtrusive friend. FUTURE: Undecided


Dorothy Nooney, has tried very heard to be quiet and unobtrusive, but we have had to take special notice of her, for all diamonds will sooner or later turn their sunny side up.


NYITRANSKY, Julia E. A.                                                                                       “Judy”


“Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind.”


Protag 37; Interclass Basketball 37; Interclass Baske37; Captain League Baseball 37; Captain League B36; League Basketball 36; League Basketbal37; League Baseball 37; League Baseball 37; Honor Roll 37; League Volley Ball 37; League Volley Ba36; League Basketball Captain 36; League Basketbal37. FUTURE: Nursing


Julia Nyitransky of the Titian locks, likes baseball so well that she would like to teach everyone how to play. Here’s a chance for some free lessons.


OAKES, Gerald                                                                                             “Jerry”

“Afoot and light hearted, I take to the open road healthy, free; the world before me.”

Secretary Senior Class


Secretary Senior C37; Varsity Cheerleader 37; Varsity Cheerlea37; Senior Nominating Committee 37; Senior Nominatin37; Dramatic Club Play 37; Dramatic Club Pl37; Soccer 37; Secretary-Treasurer Photography Club 37; Secretary-Treasu36; Assembilies 37; Dramatic Club 37; Photography Club 37; Photography Club36; Class Night Program 36; Class Night Prog37. FUTURE: Undecided


Good-natured Gerald Oakes has made himself proud as cheerleader, but he still come up to par so far as Mr. Hewes is concerned.


PLATNER, Beekman


Beekman Planter surely does make his services invaluable to the photography club. His services to his classes are something to be proud of.



“She is good as she is fair; to know her is to love her.”

Vice-President Girls


Vice-President Girl Glee Club 34; Spring Concert 37; Honor Roll 37; Dance Program 36; Dance Committee 36; Dance Committee Blue and Gold37; Interclass Basketball 37; Interclass Baske37; Sophomore Nominating Committee 37; Sophomore Nomina35; Athletic Award 35; Dramatic Club 36; Activities Manager 36; Activities Manag35; A Cappella Choir 35; A Cappella Choir37; Director Assembly Play 37; Director Assembl36; Photography Club 36; Photography Club37. FUTURE: Medicine


Nadia Podorozny, whose personality whines forth at every moment, is forever thinking of new coiffures. She is no longer the quiet girl she used to be. Can it be her company?


POLAK, Peter  FUTURE: Medicine Pete

“They shall do my will today for I am master to do and say.”

Varsity Basketball


Varsity Basketball37; Junior Varsity 35; Interclass Basketball 35; Interclass Baske37; Member and Captain N.Y. S.P.H.A.A. Basketball Champions, Class E 37; Member and Capta37; Varsity Soccer 36; Interclass Soccer 36; Interclass Socce36; Varsity Baseball 36; Varsity Baseball36; Track 36; Interclass Softball 36; Interclass Softb34; High Muckety Muck 34; High Muckety Muc37. FUTURE: Undecided


We’ll surely miss Peter Polaks familiar face at the basketball games of the future. Of course, there is always the chance that he’s familiar face at tll fail his English IV. That’ll fail his English s one way of keeping him on the lineup.


POPPITI, Lauras one way of keepingLauraA fine spirit fills that little frame.


Honor Roll 36; Protag 37; Dramatic Club 37; Prpoerty (Property?) Committee for Charlatans.  FUTURE: Nursing


Laura Poppiti, who seems to be shy and sedate, can make a lot of noise when she so desires. She places roller-skating as her favorite outdoor sport.


POPPITI, Rose37; Prpoerty (ProperRoseLittle pains in due hour employed, great profits yield.Little pains in due


Honor Roll 37; Dramatic Club 37; Writers37. FUTURE: Nursing


Rose Poppiti, one of the calm and composed individuals of Room I, puts away her books when the swimming season comes 37. FUTURE: Nursing



POTTS, Reginaldround.


“All the calm hours I gashed and defaced.”


Softball 33; Interclass Basketball 33; Interclass Baske33; League Basketball 33; League Basketbal37; Assembly Committee 37; Assembly Committ37; Christmas Play 37. FUTURE: Undecided


Reginald Potts is for mischief, roguery, and the general life of party behavior, of which he is tops.


PYNDUS, Michael

37. Shadow

“Till then my thoughts shall strive that living I may not lose the wonder of being alive.”

FUTURE: Undecided


Mike Pyndus is one of the neatest boys in the school


FUTURE: Undecided

 always dignified and reassured. Aside from being a good student, reports say that he is an expert hunter. I always dignified anll never forget the time, however, when I went on a so-called hunting trip with him only to spend the day in the woods target shooting.

RAAB, Dorothy A.ll never forget the ChuckQuiet and dainty inclined to be saintly, her blushes are many, her crushes, not any.Quiet and dainty inc


Usher at Supreme Court Gold Medal Contest


Usher at Supreme C36; Central Grammar School Assembly 36; Central Grammar 37; Honor Roll 33; Assembly Program 33; Assembly Program37; Class Night Committee 37; Class Night Comm37; Typist for Blue and Gold37. FUTURE: Undecided


Dorothy Raab is known for her neatness, cleanliness, and her beautiful complexion. She is attractive in more ways than one for she possesses hosts of friends.


REMY, Anton37. FUTURE: UndecideAntonBe firm; one certain element in luck is genuine, solid old Teutonic pluck.Be firm; one certain


Student Council 34; Varsity Track 37; Interclass Track 37; Interclass Track35; Varsity Basketball 35; Varsity Basketba35; Interclass Basketball 35; Interclass Baske37; Varsity Soccer 37; Interclass Soccer 37; Interclass Socce36; Interclass Baseball 36; Interclass Baseb34; Interclass Softball 34; Interclass Softb33.  FUTURE: College


Anton Remy does have a little trouble with his spelling but the thoughts he brings out are worth considering. Oh, boy, can he run that half-mile 33.  FUTURE: College none better.


RILEY, Patricia none better.


RILEYA disposition sweet and sound, a very pleasure to have around.A disposition sweet


Interclass Basketball


Interclass Basketb36; League Basketball 36; League Basketbal36; Baseball 35; Dramatic Club 37; Protag 36; Vice-President Protag 36; Vice-President P36; Dance Club 35; Glee Club 34; Senior Dance Committee 34; Senior Dance Com37.  FUTURE: Potsdam Normal


Patricia Riley 37.  FUTURE: Potsdam How well her name suits her! She is patrician in her ways, looks, and actions. She is fond of basketball.


RITROSKY, Joseph How well her name sThe very man thou standest in need of is found in me.The very man thou st


Glee Club 35; Protag 36; Assembly Committee 36; Assembly Committ36; Supreme Court Gold Medal Contest 36; Supreme Court Go36. FUTURE: College


Joseph Ritrosky, that typical son of the woods, when he isn36. FUTURE: College

t attending any weddings, can startle us with his homey, common sense. He certainly is more than a fair speaker.


ROWLES, Richardt attending any weddDickGreat in body, but great in mind and a gentler soul will be hard to find.Great in body, but g


With his great stature and strength, Dick has a heart of kindness.  FUTURE: Post Graduate


With his great stature and strength, Dick Rowles surely has that proverbial heart with the milk of human kindness. How sweet he can be to the little girls when he chooses to do so


With his great sta and he usually does.


SCHAEFFER, Richard and he usually doesDickA spirit! What could it claim of those calm eyes, that rousing speech, breaking like a swift tide on the beach?A spirit! What could


Treasurer Charlatans


Treasurer Charlata37; Vice-President Protag 37; Vice-President P37; Assembly Program 37; Assembly Program37; Dramatic Club 36; Protag 36; Interclass Cheerleader 36; Interclass Cheer34; Writers36; Winner Community Chest Essay Contest 36; Winner Community37; Radio Club 34; League Basketball 34; League Basketbal37; Varsity Track 37. FUTURE: College


As an actor, debater, and a noisy pupil, Dick Schaefer makes his presence felt by everyone.


SCHWARTZ, Charlotte J.37. FUTURE: College

JuneYou have a merry heart.You have a merry hea


June is a quiet girl and a grand sport. FUTURE: Post Graduate


Charlotte Schwartz, although she has gained the reputation of being as quiet as a mouse in high school,  is known to her intimate friends as a grand sport.


SCOTT, Marjorie


June is a quiet giScottieCome my friend let us laugh, laughter is the cure for all ills.Come my friend let u


Spring Concert 37; A Cappella Choir 37; A Cappella Choir37; Assembly Program 37; Assembly Program37; Vice-President of Mixed Chorus 37; Vice-President o37; Business Staff of 37; Business Staff oBlue and Gold37; Chairman of Card Party, Committee 37; Chairman of Card37; Soloist 37; Girls; Glee Club 37; Girls; Glee Club37; Mixed Chorus 37. FUTURE: Undecided


Marjorie Scott, possessed of a voice similar to that of Lily Pons, will some day be a great opera singer. Yet we know she will not shun her old pals and classmates.


SKROCKI, Helen37. FUTURE: UndecideLeftyI hold my thoughts secure within myself, speaking not.I hold my thoughts s


Dance Club 37; Dance Program 37; Basketball 37; Interclass Basketball 37; Interclass Baske37; Baseball  typist 37; Gregg 60, 80, 100 word Certificates; Honor Roll 37; Gregg 60, 80, 1037. FUTURE: Undecided


Helen Skrocki, who changes with the weather, is a 37. FUTURE: Undecidewhiz on ice skates. She of the senior girls.


SMIGLIN, Clarence of the senior girlsSmigCheerful ever; debonair, with heart so gay; a sportsman rare.Cheerful ever; debon


Dance Committee 36; Vice-President Class 36; Vice-President C36; Varsity Basketball 36; Varsity Basketba36; Captain Varsity Soccer 36; Captain Varsity 36; Interclass Basketball 36; Interclass Baske36; Captain Interclass Basketball 36; Captain Intercla35; Commencement Usher 35; Commencement Ush35; Interclass Baseball 35; Interclass Baseb35; Captain Interclass Baseball 35; Captain Intercla35; Varsity Track 34; Interclass Softball 34; Interclass Softb34; Captain Interclass Softball 34; Captain Intercla34. FUTURE: College



SMITH, Levi34. FUTURE: College

SmittyHe sings the song of men, divinely wise.He sings the song of


Student Council 36; Glee Club 36; Spring Concert 34; Protag 36; Dramatic Club 37: Honor Roll 36, 37; Class Orator 36, 37; Class Orator37. FUTURE: Columbia University


For general down-right smartness in addition to being a champion tennis player, a busy extra-curricula man, and a sure scholarship recipient, we have to turn to Levi Smith.


STARK, Blanche37. FUTURE: ColumbiaBlancheA girl of manners gentle, of affections mild.A girl of manners ge


Blanches sweet ways win the hearts of all who know her.  FUTURE: Post Graduate


Blanch Stark, of the soft voice, curley locks, and dreamy eyes, is outstanding in French. Her sweet ways win the hearts of all who know her.


STERN, Jacobs sweet ways win theJakeThe power of thought, the magic of the mind.The power of thought


Photography Club 36; Protag 37; League Basketball 37; League Basketbal33; Honor Roll 37; Manager Varsity Track Team 37; Manager Varsity 36; Associate Editor 36; Associate EditorBlue and Gold. FUTURE: Cornell


What a busy life Jacob Stern has !!! He is an energetic debater, hard working student, and a noisy milkman.


STROUD, William James FUTURE: Cornell


WhStroudySo he laughed and battled, and worked, and drank the full joys of life.So he laughed and ba


Radio Club 34, League Basketball 34, League Basketbal Glee Club 37. A Cappella Choir 37. A Cappella Choir37; Orchestra 37; Protag 36; Dramatic Club 37; A Cappella Choir Broadcast 37; A Cappella Choir36; Band Contest at Liberty 36; Band Contest at 36; Track 37; Spring Concert 37; Secretary-Treasurer of Orchestra 37; Secretary-Treasu37.  FUTURE: Lincoln College


It is with no risk attached at all, that we predict for William Stroud a fine career as a singer or musician. What he can37.  FUTURE: Lincolnt do with a good voice and handsome face!


TENEROWICZ, Alfredt do with a good voiRemember me when I am gone away, gone far away into the bustling world to have my say.Remember me when I a


Orchestra 34; Protag 36; Dramatic Club 37; Track 37; Assembly Committee 37; Assembly Committ37; League Basketball 37; League Basketbal37; Commencement Usher 37; Commencement Ush36.  FUTURE: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Al Tenerowicz was not practicing the mile for the track team 36.  FUTURE: Renssel and that was a year round job for him  and that was a year he would be making another model of the  he would be making China ClipperSpirit of St. Louis; that is, of course, when he isn; that is, of courset studying French.


TOMPKINS, Dorothyt studying French.


A friend so small, with a heart so great.A friend so small, w


League Baseball 34; Assembly Committee 34; Assembly Committ35. FUTURE: Undecided


Dorothy Tompkins gains her sweetness from the huge quantity of candy that she consumes. Although charming in many ways, she is unaffected.


TINKER JR, Leonard E.35. FUTURE: UndecideLennyYour deeds are known in words that kindle glory.Your deeds are known


Vice-President Senior Class


Vice-President Sen37; Charlatans 37; Protag 37; Extemporaneous Speaking Contest Poughkeepsie 37; Extemporaneous S37; Manager Interclass Soccer 37; Manager Intercla37; Business Staff Blue and Gold; Orchestra 37; Junior Dance Committee 37; Junior Dance Com36; Assistance Head Usher at Commencement 36; Assistance Head 36; Christmas Play 36. FUTURE: Undecided


If you36. FUTURE: Undecideve never heard Leonard Tinker impersonate Bob Burns, youve never heard Leonave really missed something. Leonard is also a fine speaker and a good auto salesman.


TRAVER, Johnve really missed somJohnnyI feel no desperate will, but I understand many things as I sit quite still with eternity in my hand.I feel no desperate


League Basketball


League Basketball 35; Dance Committee 35; Dance Committee 37; Tennis Team 36. FUTURE: Yale


John Traver, who always wears such neat clothes, might always be immaculate if he would decide to go into the 36. FUTURE: Yale


JoCleaning and Drying business.


TRIPODI, Charles business.


TRIPODI,ChicOh, when I went to school with you then I was young and brave, and miles around the wonder grew how well I did behave.Oh, when I went to s


League Basketball


League Basketball 37; Track Team 37. FUTURE: Undecided


Aside from being practically the only one who always has his English assignment done, Charles Tripodi is an unusually good fellow.


VAN DEUSEN, Warren37. FUTURE: UndecideA head to contrive, a hand to execute; above our life, we love a steadfast friend.A head to contrive,


Interclass Basketball


Interclass Basketb34; Assembly Committee 34; Assembly Committ34; Dance Committee 34; Dance Committee 35; Class President 35; Class President 37; A Cappella Choir 37; A Cappella Choir37; President Mixed Chorus 37; President Mixed Mystery At MidnightGrowing Pains; Spring Concert Committee ; Spring Concert Com37; Decorating Committee 37; Decorating Commi35. FUTURE: Undecided


I can35. FUTURE: Undecidet explain Warren Van Deusent explain Warren Vans popularity, unless its popularity, unlesss because of his ready smile, flashing eyes, and quick wit. He has shown his efficiency as President of the Senior Class.


VAN TASSEL, Jacks because of his reaJackIn the rash lustihood of my young powers I shook the pillaring hours; I pulled life upon me in showers.In the rash lustihoo


Orchestra 37; League Basketball 37; League Basketbal36; Band Contest at Liberty 36; Band Contest at 36. FUTURE: Undecided.


Jack Ban Tassell is that little ball of energy who can play excellently the violin and who thinks nothing of hitch-hiking one hundred or two hundred miles to see a football game.


VAN TASSEL, Marion36. FUTURE: UndecideMickeyThe only way to have a friend is to be one.The only way to have


League Baseball 34; Secretary of Class 34; Secretary of Cla34; Dance Club Program 34; Dance Club Progr34. FUTURE: Undecided


Marion Van Tassel, of the blond tresses and blue eyes, will be remembered after she leaves the Alma Mater. She has a smile for everyone.


VETT, Stanley34. FUTURE: UndecideStanFew things are impossible to diligence and skill.Few things are impos


Stan is a proficient student and a composition writer.


Stanley Vett, another one of our stalwart farmer


Stan is a proficies sons, is getting more and more handsome and urban-looking. A proficient student and an interesting composition worker is he.


WASHBURN, Jamess sons, is getting mI never saw you hasten, I never saw you rush, but care not, my man, for we have yet to see you blush.I never saw you hast


Class Treasurer 34; Assembly Committee 34; Assembly Committ35; Dramatic Club 37. FUTURE: Undecided


I have yet to see James Washburn hurry somewhere, but once he gets some place, you will generally find that he can speak up with the rest of them.


WASYLKIW, Oleh37. FUTURE: UndecideErchWhen you were there, you, only you, happiness crowned the night.When you were there,


Art Editor Blue and Gold37; Varsity Track 37; Varsity Soccer 36; Interclass Basketball 36; Interclass Baske37; Interclass Soccer 37; Interclass Socce36; Junior Varsity Soccer 36; Junior Varsity S35; Interclass Track 35; Interclass Track35; League Basketball 35; League Basketbal37; Dance Committee 37; Dance Committee 36; Physics Award 36; Nominating Committee 36; Nominating Commi36; Honor Roll 36; Interclass Track 36; Interclass Track37; Assembly Committee 37; Assembly Committ37. FUTURE: College


Oleh Wasylkiw is a man of many trades, and a master of them all. Curley Oleh is a fine student, a good cartoonist, an interesting writer, and a proficient athlete.


WEEKS, Naomi37. FUTURE: College

NookieA girl whose manner is sedate, whose attitude is calm; She never grumbles at her fate, her very words are balm.


Literature Editor A girl whose manner Blue and Gold; Honor Roll 37; Dramatic Club 37; Commencement Usher 37; Commencement Ush36; Dance Committee 36; Dance Committee 36; President Sophomore Class 36; President Sophom35; Christmas Play 35; Spring Concert 34; Glee Club 34; Dance Club Program 34; Dance Club Progr34; Interclass Cheerleader 34; Interclass Cheer34. FUTURE: Nursing


Naomi Weeks, noted for her personality and charm is always ready to lend a helping hand. She is the ideal student, and she excels in English, receiving ninety-nine per cent in an English IV exam.



A tongue than can talk without harming, just mischief enough to tease, manners pleasant enough to be charming, that put you at once at your ease.


Dramatic Club 37; Dramatic Club Play 37; Dramatic Club PlGrowing Pains37; Dance Club Program 37; Dance Club Progr37; Honor Roll 36; Interclass Baseball 36; Interclass Baseb37; League Basketball 37; League Basketbal37; Assembly Play 36; Assembly Chairman 36; Assembly Chairma35; Nominating Committee 35; Nominating Commi34; Glee Club 34; Spring Concert 34. FUTURE: Ann Arbor


Ethel Weintraub, who attempts to act naοve and demure, would make a good model for any dress. She likes dancing to smooth rhythm and she also likes swimming.


WEISS, Evelyn34. FUTURE: Ann ArboA great mind becomes a great fortune.A great mind becomes


Freshman Banner Committee


Freshman Banner Co34; League Baseball 34; League Baseball 34; League Basketball 34; League Basketbal34; Dance Program 35; Manager Freshman Interclass Basketball 35; Manager Freshman34; Junior Nominating Committee 34; Junior Nominatin36; Spring Concert 35; Baccalaureate Service 35; Baccalaureate Se34; Associate Editor 34; Associate EditorBlue and Gold37; Honor Roll 37. FUTURE: College


Evelyn Weiss, another one of our seniors who works so hard and accomplishes so much, likes to read books and to play the piano better than anything else.


WELLER, Clara37. FUTURE: College

Goo GooPossessing a sweet smile and a soft voice, Clara has wielded a quiet influence during her short sojourn with us, that only those who really know her can appreciate.Possessing a sweet s


60, 80, 100 word Gregg Certificates. FUTURE: Secretarial Position


Clara Weller, a new member of the Senior Class, will undoubtedly be a great stenographer, for she has attained high scholastic standing in both shorthand and typing.




60, 80, 100 word GSweet and attractive in manner, pretty and ever faultlessly neat.Sweet and attractive


Dramatic Club 37; Dance Club 37; Dance Club Program 37; Dance Club Progr37; Honor Roll 37; Assembly Play 34; Glee Club 34; Spring Concert 34; League Basketball 34; League Basketbal34. FUTURE: Secretarial Course


Roseline Wettenstein, one of our more attractive Seniors, seems to think the world 34. FUTURE: SecretarSaul right. Maybe sheMeiner one of these days.


WILLIAMS, Willie M. one of these days.

FlashHe sings the song of courage, heart, and will, and gladness in a fight of men who face a steepest hill with sparkle and delight.


Varsity Basketball He sings the song of36; Track 37; Soccer 36; Captain Interclass Soccer 36; Captain Intercla36; Varsity Baseball 36; Varsity Baseball36; NN.Y.S.P.H.A.A. Champion Basketball Team 36; NN.Y.S.P.H.A.A. 37; Interclass Softball 37; Interclass Softb35; Sesqui-Centennial Track Meet 35; Sesqui-Centennia37; Orchestra 37; Spring Concert 37; Music Festival at Hillsdale 37; Music Festival a36; State Band and Orchestra Competition 36; State Band and O36. FUTURE: Orchestra Leader



Willie Williams, the spark-plug of the Varsity, can move his feet even faster than he sometimes talks. He36. FUTURE: Orchestrs the seniors threat to Fred Astaire.


WISCHHUSEN, Ahna B.s threat to Fred AstAbieWise to resolve and patient to perform.Wise to resolve and


Dance Club 35; Glee Club 35; Writer37; Dramatic Club 37; Honor Roll 36. FUTURE: College


Ahna Wischhusen, sensitive and sweet, is the acme of wholesomeness and sincerity. Her motto is 36. FUTURE: College

Silence is Golden; her favorite sport is basketball. She is very studious.


WISHENGRAD, Irving; her favorite sportItchNone but himself can be his parallel.None but himself can


Tennis Team 37; Manager Tennis Team 37; Manager Tennis T36; Winner Tennis Tournament 36; Winner Tennis To36. FUTURE: Undecided


When Irving Wishengrad says that he is going out for a championship tennis career, I can well believe him. I can36. FUTURE: Undecidet see as yet how this little man can send that ball flying back to you at a mile-a-minute clip.


WITHAM, Evelyn Elizabetht see as yet how thiBettyBut O, she dances such a way! So sun upon an Easter day is half so fine a sight.But O, she dances su


Protag 33; Interclass Basketball 33; Interclass Baske35; League Basketball 35; League Basketbal35: League Baseball 35: League Baseball 34; Archery Team 33; Spring Concert 35; League Volley Ball 35; League Volley Ba35; Dance Club 34; Dramatic Club 36; Interclass Cheerleading 36; Interclass Cheer33; Captain Varsity Cheerleaders 33; Captain Varsity 35. FUTURE: Nursing


Elizabeth Witham, whose poise we all admire, is the envy of all because of her dancing ability.


WITKO, Edward35. FUTURE: Nursing

By time and toil, you sever what strength and rage could never.By time and toil, yo


Ed is a great sportsman.


Edward Witko is another one of those man


Ed is a great spors men. An expert woodsman, a patient fisherman; he is also a dead-eye rifle-shot.


WITKO, Veronicas men. An expert wooRonnieCourteous, though coy, and gentle, though retiring.Courteous, though co


Glee Club 34; Dance Club 34.  FUTURE: New York Telephone Company in Albany


Veronica Witko possesses beautiful clothes. These together with her winning personality combine to make her a sought after young lady. In addition to this, she is an able dancer.


WOLOSHYN, Anne34.  FUTURE: New YorWith malice toward non, with charity for all.With malice toward n


Photography Club 37; Typist of Blue and Gold; Honor Roll 37; FUTURE: Bookkeeping


Anne Woloshyn has the power to win friends wherever she goes. Her fankness and her cheefulness have tended to make her popular among the students.


WOOD, Dorothy M.37; FUTURE: BookkeepDevout yet cheerful, active yet resigned.Devout yet cheerful,


Glee Club 35; Dance Club 34; Dramatic Club 37; Assembly Committee 37; Assembly CommittBlue and Gold typist 37. FUTURE: Nursing


Dorothy Wood, who possesses a bit of acting ability, has all she can do to keep the 37. FUTURE: Nursing

Mike in good working condition. He in good working cons liable to fail her!


WOODWARD, Ralph F.s liable to fail herButchAn honest mans the noblest work of God.s the noblest work o


Radio Club 33; Secretary Radio Club 33; Secretary Radio 34; Dramatic Club ; Assembly Committee ; Assembly Committee33; Stage Manager Spring Concert 33; Stage Manager Sp35; Stage Manager Class Night 35; Stage Manager Cl Head Commencement Usher  Head Commencement U35; Stage Manager Gold Medal Award Contest 35; Stage Manager Go36; Nominating Committee 36; Nominating Commi35; Collins Committee 35; Collins Committe34; C. M. T. C. Program 34; C. M. T. C. Prog36; FUTURE: College in Texas


Ralph Woodward36; FUTURE: College s cars and the  tracked on the end of his speeches are his trade marks. Ralp also knows more than his share of scientific details.


WURSTER, Marion V. tracked on the end WussHer words- like so many nimble and airy servitudes Her words- like so m trip about her at command. trip about her at c


Interclass Basketball


Interclass Basketb37; League Basketball 37; League Basketbal37; Captain league Basketball 37; Captain league B35; Dramatic Club 37; Orchestra 37; Girls Glee Club 37; Mixed Chorus 37; Spring Concert 37; League Baseball 37; League Baseball 37; Assembly Play 36; Treasurer Girls Glee Club 34; Dance Club Programs 34; Dance Club Progr37. FUTURE: Syracuse University


Marion Wurster, the girl whom we hear before we see, in spite of being an accomplished pianist has taken tap-dancing. If we want to believe her word, she37. FUTURE: Syracuses rather good. Is a swell-dresser, eh, boys?


YOST, Helens rather good. Is a YostySpeech is silver, silence is golden.Speech is silver, si


Assembly Program 36; 60, 80, 100 word Shorthand Certificates. FUTURE: Undecided


Helen Yost possesses brains behind that quiet and unobtrusive exterior. Her personality and easy-going airs win friends too easily. She is rather studious.


YOUNG, Betty Ann36; 60, 80, 100 wordBetty On the stage she was natural, simple, affecting That’s our class actress.


Dramatic Club 37; Dramatic Club Plays 37; Dramatic Club Pl37; Dance Committee 37; Dance Committee 36. FUTURE: School of Teaching


Betty Anne Young, considered one of the best-poised young ladies in the school, is runner up in the contest for dancing honors. She likes to study her lessons during assembly period.


YUNKER, Elma36. FUTURE: School oElmaA ready, willing, and able little Miss.

60, 80 word Gregg; Dance Club ‘34. FUTURE: Bookkeeping


Elma Yunker provides many laughs for Mrs. Somer’s English IV class. Perhaps that is why she is liked so well.


YUSKO, Frank

“I desire virtue though I love her not, I have no faith in her when she is got.”


League Basketball 37; League Baseball 37; League Baseball 34; FUTURE: Interior Decorating


Frank Yusko has already become hardened to the fact that he is always last on every alphabetical list, but he is far from being last on the scholastic list.